Nigerians drag UK-based Nigerian YouTuber to filth over BBC interview on Nigerians studying in the UK

A UK-based Nigerian Youtuber has come under heavy fire from fellow Nigerians on social media over his recent interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Nigerians drag UK-based Nigerian YouTuber to filth over BBC interview on Nigerians studying in the UK

The young man, identified as Emdee Tiamiyu in the interview, claimed that his countrymen are not genuinely interested in education or qualifications and that they only come to the UK to study as a means to relocate.

Emdee, who shares relocation tips on his YouTube channel, stated that many individuals who apply for schooling in the UK see it as a way to escape Nigeria, rather than a genuine pursuit of education.

“The student route is more like an answered prayer. It is a big bracket that’s able to take a lot of people, the ordinary people. We’re beginning to see that a lot of people just hide behind the studentship. So the student thing is not real, it’s not like they need the degrees,” he said.

The video of Emdee’s interview with the BBC surfaced online following the introduction of new immigration rules that restrict Nigerian students, and others studying in the UK, from bringing their families as dependents, except under specific circumstances.

Since then, the video has gone viral and attracted severe criticism from Nigerians on social media.

Reacting, an Instagram user wrote,

“Typical of Nigerian in diaspora. Immediately they have Uk/Canada/USA residency, their tone and behavior change… Other nationals are doing the same thing even worse but never come online to say this. He has destroyed the hope of struggling and genuine students”.

A lot of Nigerians in the diaspora are like this guy once they’re lucky to get a visa to leave Nigeria. They forget quickly the struggle from home, dem go turn Oyinbo overnight then start forming one standard for everyone including their family. This guy was just unlucky, many of them are like this. They wish you never get the visa to come and see the kinda life/suffering their living there. Poverty still Dey this one body sef. I pray one day, Nigeria will get it right. ”, another user added.

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