Meet Marjo Bona, Winner Big Sister Show Season Two

Marjo Bona is the founder and CEO of Cocorobics Workshop, an international dance, and fitness program which features a mixture of dance from different parts of the world, mostly African, and is fixed with aerobics.

Meet Marjo Bona, Winner Big Sister Show Season Two

Bona is a certified dance trainer and fitness instructor. Her motto is "Changing lives one dance step at a time" Marjo wants to be able to give back through dance giving hope, confidence, and assistance to those who need it!

Cocorobics was created by Marjo Lagah-Bona an award-winning African dance entertainer/choreographer who has been performing and displaying her talent worldwide for over ten years. Cocorobics was a vision that came into life in 2015 from her longing passion for dance and helping others.

Marjo decided to expand and combine her talent by helping people stay healthy and fit one dance step at a time. She has now traveled to numerous states educating and teaching people about dance and fitness and the benefits of dance fitness. She is also a member of ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) and has a background and knowledge in dance fitness.

Marjo decided to create her own dance fitness program with a twist, a change of music, and dance styles. Cocorobics has various benefits that can help change a person’s mood, healthy lifestyle, and bring joy! Some of the benefits are: Burning calories, learning how to build stamina, relieve stress, stay motivated, strengthen hearts, improve muscle tone, learning different types of dance moves, building confidence in one’s self, socializing, mind coordination, and most of all having a good time! The vision for Cocorobics is that people will be able to join this dance fitness movement and feel happy and free in spirit while being able to learn how to dance at the same time.

Bona is currently the winner of the big sister show season 2, a woman empowerment reality show with a winning price of LE 500,000,000