“I’ll chop this boy p333” – Lady expresses sexual interest in a toddler

Social media has been able to fish out a certain Maame Akua who expressed amorous sexual interest in a photo of a toddler that was shared online.

“I’ll chop this boy p333” – Lady expresses sexual interest in a toddler

The reason why her issue has come into the limelight is because of a certain Richard Amoah who said similar words under the photo of young disc jockey DJ Switch.

Many who came into contact with the earlier story said there are also women who lure young boys into several sexual acts but are left unattended simply because it is perceived they mean no harm.

Richard Amoah has come under severe fire after making those comments on Facebook suggesting that if he gets the chance, he will sleep with DJ Switch.

Following that, a similar comment by this Maame Akua, who has changed her name, has come up for discussion and feminist Ama K Abebrese has also added her voice to it.

Although many suggest all these comments were just mere jokes, others strongly believe sexual expressions and interests should never be taken on a lighter note especially when rape cases are on the increase.

Experts also say, anything written by anybody on social media has been premeditated and checked thus can not be swept under the carpet.

Check Out Screenshot Below:

Per the reports we’ve gathered, Maame Akua has since changed her name and identity on Facebook. Check out the screenshot of new identity below:

Meanwhile, Ama K Abenrese has vehemently condemned these comments by Maame Akua and has equally kicked against sexual advances been made by adults towards youngsters.