I know how she died – Self-styled Nigerian investigative journalist reacts to the death of Nicole Thea

Kemi Olunloyo in an Instagram post blamed the late Nicole Thea, who died with her unborn son, as the cause of her own death.

I know how she died – Self-styled Nigerian investigative journalist reacts to the death of Nicole Thea

Nicole Thea died at the age of 24. The London-based influencer’s family confirmed the news on Sunday in an Instagram post, stating that Thea’s unborn son had also died.

“To all Nicole’s friends and supporters it is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Nicole and her son she and Boga named Reign sadly passed away on Saturday morning,” the statement read.
The message explained that Thea had pre-scheduled “a few YouTube videos” to upload on her channel before her death and that her  partner, Global Boga, (whose real name is Jeffery Frimpong), had “made the decision to allow them to be aired.”
The family asked for privacy, saying “our hearts are truly broken and we are struggling to cope with what has happened.”
The cause of Thea’s death is not yet known. The former dancer was around eight months pregnant.
Kemi Olunloyo's post suggests that she blamed Thea death mainly on the fact that the YouTuber was showing her pregnancy online too much. She said:

“For me, it’s a personal opinion: How come so many showing their pregnant belly on this app always lose their baby and now her life? NICOLE IS DEAD!! Pregnant ladies, I believe in this destruction juju.

Stop exposing your personal pregnancy life on social media. Not everyone is happy for you. This young pregnant media personality lost her life and the baby. Her family wants privacy while most of you want to know what killed her.

Meanwhile, Fans reacted to her opinion as regards Nicole’s death;

One Cdorfobia: “I said the same thing. Stop copying all these white folks, they don’t have witches and wizards in their family. Always remember you’re from the midst of black people, people with black minds. RIP to her”

One Iyeowuna: “Exposing ur innocent babe to dis wicked world??? they think most barren women have only health issues? There is more to it. God help us”

One Toheeb: “it’s high time we stop copying the western way, we are Africans and we have culture, exposing pregnant belly online doesn’t make any sense… anyway I know some people will say it’s superstition but I have said what I said anyway, RIP to the dead”