5 Years Old Girl Raped to Death Shocks Sierra Leone

Khadija Madinatu Saccoh a 5 years old girl who was raped which resulted in her death, she was raped in Freetown and died afterward.

5 Years Old Girl Raped to Death Shocks Sierra Leone
Khadija Saccoh (5 Years Old Girl Raped to Death)

At age 5 Khadija was very smart and outspoken, and this becomes a center of attention among her peers.

Upon the conclusion of the Autopsy result, Khadija Madinatu Saccoh’s death has been reported as a course of the rape. She suffers spinal cord injury, fractured wing, manual strangulation, bitten tongue, virginal and anal dilatation.

The minor was unable to bear the pain and later passed away.

The man accused in the 5 years old case who is her uncle is now in police custody, as posts making rounds on social media for the preparator to be brought to justice has drawn the attention of the first lady. Fatima Maada Bio has been vocal in promoting the right of girls with her campaign “ Hands of our Girls”.

She posted on her social media page saying she had made contact with the father of the child and will make sure the rapist is brought to justice.  

This is to inform our Sierra Leonean citizens all around the world that the case involving Miss Khadija RIP is on...

Posted by Fatima Jabbe Maada Bio on Sunday, June 21, 2020