10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has exquisite places over many other West African countries in the Sub Region. Even though Sierra Leone lost much of it tourism sector during the war, but the country has made significant efforts to rebuild and regain its former glory in tourism.

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sierra Leone

This piece highlights a few reasons why tourist should make Sierra Leone their holiday destination.

  1. Suitable Destination

Air travel distance from any major capital in Europe to Sierra Leone is approximate 6.28 hours, making it financially accessible to many visitors. You can also get a Sierra Leone visa at the airport on arrival.  

2. Climate

Sierra Leone has a tropical climate, with a dry season in winter and a rainy season due to the African monsoon which runs from May to November. The weather is generally hot all year round.  Day time temperatures are about 32/34 degrees Celsius in the interior and 30 degrees Celsius along the coast.

3. Peaceful and welcoming  Atmosphere

According to Global Peace Index 2019 Sierra Leone ranks as the 52nd most peaceful country in the world.  With little or no internal conflicts, Sierra Leoneans are very welcoming to visitors.

4. Accommodation

There is a variety of hotels, guest house and lodges in Sierra Leone to suit every lifestyle and budget. Depending on the type of travel you will find hotels rooms that suit your needs.

5. Beaches and Islands

In Sierra Leone, dotted along the Atlantic Ocean are some of the world’s most beautiful white and virgin beaches. They are often referred to as the center Sierra Leone’s offering to tourist. Places like Number Two River, Tokeh ,Banana Island, Sulima, Freetown Peninsula, Turtle Island, Shebro Island, but to name a few are some of the beautiful tourist attractions

6. Restaurants and Bars

In the recent years a wide variety of Restaurants and bars has emerged in the country, cutting across all cuisine. Especially along the beaches we see a greater concentration of international-styled restaurants. The bar and club scenes make up night life.

7. Local Dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables

Even though local/ traditional dishes are hardly found at restaurants, a variety of local dishes are made available in different locations in the country. As Sierra Leone has a tropical climate and good soil, this factor supports the growth of fruits and vegetables making is affordable to get along the streets or markets in Sierra Leone.

8. Wildlife

There are a number of wildlife facilities in Sierra Leone that allows you observe and view wildlife, the country offers a wealth of nature and wildlife opportunities. Some of the wildlife attraction centers are:

9. Historical sites

Sierra Leone is quite famous for its rich cultural history, having monuments all over the country. Sierra Leone was colonized by freed slaves and most of the ancient buildings and ports has significant value to the abolishment of the slave trade. Places like Dublin in Banana Island, York , St John’s Maroon church, the Wharf steps and old Guard House, Cotton tree ( in the heart of Freetown),  the gate to the old kings yard, but to name a few.

10. Customs and Traditional

The majority of people in Sierra Leone still live a traditional, agricultural way of life, with ruling chiefs, and religions which preserve social stability, as well as local music, dance, customs and traditions. Handshaking is the normal form of greeting. Sierra Leoneans have a unique blend of cultural traditions. They are vibrant, exuberant and expressive people and their cultural values, traditions and belief systems are widely practiced and respected. 

I hope all highlighted will attract you to choose Sierra Leone as your top holiday destination.